Ngaahi Ongo’ ‘i he Lea Faka-Tonga’ (Emotions in the Tongan Language)




Open for pre-orders and will be ready in the next two weeks.

A pack of 25 emotion cards in Lea Faka-Tonga (The Tongan langauge). They feature scenarios on the back in the Tongan language to help encourage and lead discussions around feelings and mental health. They are perfect for parents, teachers, counsellors and other professionals who work with young people in the Tongan community. An English translation sheet is provided so the cards can be used by people who are not fluent in Lea Faka-Tonga.

Picture above is of the box, we will upload a picture of the cards when they are ready.

Cost of shipping may vary depending on the quantity of cards ordered. If your shipping is going to cost more than $7.00 we will be in contact with you.


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