Creating Pūkare Cards

At the beginning of 2022 having just been introduced to the Young Enterprise Scheme we spent time brainstorming business ideas. We knew we wanted to come up with something meaningful, and something we would have benefited from ourselves. Pūkare Cards were the result and are in use all over NZ. Our main focuses were creating a diverse product and making sure it is affordable for everyone.


We are proud to be able to support local by using a local producer. Our cards are made from high quality materials and are handled with care. Apart from the printing of the cards and boxes, everything else is done by us. We are a fully youth run business, and are proud to be able to say Pūkare Cards, are made by youth for youth. Fortunately, we have the support of many people, who generously volunteer their time and knowledge to help us grow.

Young Enterprise Scheme

The Young Enterprise Scheme is an amazing opportunity for young people to learn, expand their knowledge, start a business, compete, have fun and make friends. We going to continue being apart of the Young Enterprise Scheme this year and definitely recommend high school students who are interested in business to ask their teachers if their school offers it.