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  We want to normalise talking about feelings from a young age. Pūkare Cards are pack of 25 emotion cards in Te Reo Māori and English.  They feature scenarios on the back to encourage and lead discussions around feelings.  

About Us

We want to normalise talking about feelings from a young age! Pūkare Cards are a communication and teaching tool featuring emotions in both English and Te Reo Māori. Our cards have scenarios on the back to help parents, teachers, counsellors and other professionals lead meaningful discussions with their young people. Pūkare Cards was born from the desire to improve and nurture the mental well-being of children with special needs and primary school students.

Pūkare in Māori means to be evocative and express emotions. This is a core value of our business and represents our purpose and vision. We believe if we can normalise talking about feelings from a young age we will have young people more geared up for dealing with the struggles of life. Tom our CEO struggled with ADHD, and Liv, Communications officer is disabled, they both needed Pūkare Cards when they were growing up. Our cards are made by youth for youth. We are currently competing in the Young Enterprise Scheme.


‘Just wanted to say how amazing these cards are. I’ m a counsellor in private practice and have used the cards already today which has offered meaningful insight for my clients. I have shared this on instagram and have had a number of people message me asking how to purchase them. Tino pai õ mahi!

Jemma Bennett
Bay Counselling and Therapy Service


We’ve loved every minute of our journey so far and are really grateful for the opportunities we have had. Have a read of our experiences here!


We are proud to say Pūkare Cards are in use all over New Zealand and are making a difference. Last year we won the YES East Coast Company of the Year award, Tom our CEO received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and we won a national excellence award for social enterprise. Read more about our achievements here.

Future Goals

Last year was a year of learning and growing and we are excited to continue developing and helping young people this year. We are releasing a new set of cards in Tongan. Stay tuned for more!

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18th September 2023:

Mental Health Awareness Week Begins

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24th September 2023:

Mental Health Awareness Week Ends

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